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Airsafetytraining.com is part of Acaleph Opleiding, Training and Adviezen BV. Acaleph has been giving flight safety training courses throughout Europe since 1998. Given the growing number of clients and the ongoing specialisation in equipment and possibilities, we have decided to bring our aviation-related activities together under a new label: Airsafetytraining.com Our newly revamped Air Safety Truck enables us to organise dedicated training programmes on site, giving you big savings in both time and money.



Airsafetytraining.com aims to become the leading European-wide specialist in innovative flight safety training. Everything we do, we do with passion, quality and a desire to establish long-term relationships.



Our aim is to be a forward-thinking partner for our clients and to meet their requirements with respect to air safety. Airsafetytraining.com singles itself out through its passion and innovation.