Air safety training

First Aid Training (initial)

The basics of life-saving skills and techniques.

First Aid skills literally save lives. Whether it is evacuating people in an emergency situation, or resuscitation on an individual, knowing exactly what to do and how to handle makes a difference. Especially in an airplane, where cramped spaces and little to no room for error provide emergency responders in aviation safety with an extra challenge. Our First Aid training prepares cabins crews for the challenging circumstances of providing first aid aboard an aircraft.

During our First Aid training, cabin crews are familiarized with the basics of life-saving skills for aviation safety, such as rescue activities and resuscitation. We can conduct the First Aid training at any desired location, saving our trainees the time, costs and hassle of visiting us on site. Prepare your cabin crew with the First Aid Training and have them up in the air in no-time, fully prepared for any emergencies. That is Air Safety by Acaleph!

Already completed an First Aid training? Have a look at our recurrent First Aid Training to reiterate the basics of life-saving skills!


Goal of the First Aid Training (initial)

To familiarise the participant with the basics of life-saving skills and techniques tuned to their particular situation. After taking this course the participant is able to assess situations and act in the following instances:

  • Rescue activities
  • Assess whether a rescue is potentially unsafe
  • Resuscitation
  • Life-threatening situations

Location of the First Aid Training (initial)

At any desired location


Duration of the First Aid Training (initial)

8 hours including practical training

Price includes

  • Usage of fire extinguishers
  • Usage of smoke hoods
  • Certificate of participation in format of a credit card

Course method

Content: According to EASA-OPS


  • Act in a life-threatening situation
  • Move injured persons
  • To evacuate employees and other people in an emergency situation
  • Watching a film that completely matches the subjects and needs relevant to your organisation


  • Resuscitation as defined by Dutch “heart foundation”
  • Transportation of wounded persons
  • Perform basic life-saving actions by using a lotus (simulated) victim
  • Hands-on training tuned to your needs using our aircraft-replica or the mobile unit


  • The training will be given in English
  • Validity: 1 year
  • Group size: minimum 8 and maximum 12 persons


It is possible to customise the training to your organisation own specific procedures. Please contact our sales department for our customisation possibilities.

Training information sheet

Download our training information sheet for additional information.

Ready to start?

Ready to start?