A tailor-made ‘mobile’ simulator

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Mobile Simulator

“A tailor-made ‘mobile’ simulator that fully meets or exceeds the needs and wishes of your company.” 

Airsafetytraining.com provides specific training for flight and cabin crew. However, We can also provide you with a tailor-made mobile simulator that is completely suited to your company’s needs and wishes. The simulator will be equipped with specific lifelike scenarios that are personally tailored to your Airliner’s wishes.

Training in your Airline specific mobile simulator surrounding has many advantages. In addition to everything being tailored to your own personalised layout that looks and feels familiar with adaptive scenarios, makes the use of this simulator much more efficient. This can be done due to the flexibility and cost-saving features. As an Airliner, you decide at which hub the truck should be deployed and where and when cabin crew and/or flight crew will be able to train. Simulator training meets crew.

The development of this mobile simulator uses the latest developments and innovations to get as close to reality as possible. 

The personalisation and tailor-made possibilities are endless. In this simulator lifelike fires, smoke and heat are possible. Adding an evacuation door and/or cockpit can be realized.

We encourage you to contact us for the options. We are always available to assist you through the process and how we may assist you in realizing the flexible cost saving solution.