Air safety training

Wet Drill Training

Water survival and respective behaviour.

In case of an emergency landing on water, it is vital that the cabin crews knows exactly how to handle. During our Wet Drill, cabin crews familiarize themselves with emergency equipment and how to handle in these situations.

The Wet Drill will be held in a swimming pool to simulate the real challenges of water survival. Flight personnel will practice on how to use life vests and how to release and set up life rafts (when provided by the client). Cabin crews will also practice on how to behave in case of an emergency landing on water, how to leave the aircraft and how to evacuate passengers.

Training will be held in a swimming pool in your proximity. This way, our Wet Drill is as accessible as possible and you have your flight personnel up in the air in no-time, fully prepared for any emergencies. That is Air Safety by Acaleph!


Goal of the Wet Drill Training

Familiarise your personnel with the emergency equipment for water survival and for respective behaviour.


Location of the Wet Drill Training

At any desired location


Duration of the Wet Drill Training

2 hours including practical training or 3 hours including the life raft

Price information

  • Certificate of participation in format of a credit card is included
  • The renting costs of a swimming pool are not included.

Participation requirements

  • Participants should be able to swim
  • Practical drills will be done in normal clothing

Course method

Content: According to EASA-OPS


  • Life-vests: Activating
  • Life Raft: How to release it from the airplane
  • Life Raft: How to activate it
  • Life Raft: How to set it up right
  • Life Raft: How to enter the life raft
  • Life Raft: Equipment in the life raft
  • Behaviour: Leaving the airplane
  • Behaviour: How to jump with a life-vest on
  • Behaviour: How to help the passengers into the life raft


  • Learned topics will be trained in a swimming pool


  • The training will be given in English
  • Training equipment will be discussed
  • Practical training will be supervised by a certified lifeguard
  • Validity: 3 years
  • Group size: minimum 8 and maximum 15 person


It is possible to customise the training to your organisation own specific procedures. Please contact our sales department for our customisation possibilities.

Training information sheet

Download our training information sheet for additional information

Ready to start?

Ready to start?