Air safety training

Air Safety Simulator

True-to-life fire, smoke and heat simulation.


Mobile Simulator has its own mobile Air Safety Simulator in which cabincrews can learn how to handle the most likely in-flight emergencies on board. The inside of the truck’s trailer resembles the interior of a real-life aircraft (including the latest technical devices) and has a length of almost 18 metres. There is also a small classroom available inside the truck, where we can provide the theoretical part of the course.

Our truck is self-sufficient with a generating set.

True-to-life fires, smoke and heat can be recreated in this simulator. Since it is a mobile training unit, we can bring the truck to you, providing you with great flexibility and enormous costs savings. Travel and accommodation expenses for staff can be saved, for instance, never mind the time that your staff would otherwise be absent.

In short, we can train your staff wherever you want! If you’d rather have your personnel trained off-site, you are of course more than welcome to our training site in Geleen (Netherlands).