Air safety training

Fire Drill Training

Fire fighting and fire extinguishing on board of an aircraft.

When fire breaks out, the cabin crew should be prepared optimally. Fire fighting of any kind requires a specific set of skills, and that especially goes for fire fighting aboard an aircraft. Narrow spaces and very little room for error provide extra challenge for aviation safety. That is why we created our Fire Drill Training, to mimic the exact circumstances of an emergency in an airplane.

To make our Fir Drill Training as close to reality as possible, we use our Mobile Air Safety Simulator. The Air Safety Simulator is a realistic replica of an airplane interior. In this simulated cabin, flight personnel practice on how to handle during the most likely in-flight emergencies on board, including fire. During our Fire Drill Training, real fires will be simulated in overhead racks, galleys and waste bins. Trainees experience the true effects of vision limiting smoke and heat.

Our Fire Drill Training can be conducted at any place. Our Air Safety Simulator is, after all, fully mobile. Thus our Mobile Air Safety Simulator saves our trainees a lot of time and additional costs for travelling and accommodation. Prepare your cabin crew with the Fire Drill Training and have them up in the air in no-time, fully prepared for any emergencies. That is Air Safety by Acaleph!


Goal of the Fire Drill Training

The objective of this Fire Drill course is to provide the candidates with the knowledge of fire fighting and fire extinguishing on board an aircraft.

Location of the Fire Drill Training

At any desired location


Duration of the Fire Drill Training

4 hours including practical training

Price includes

  • Usage of fire extinguishers
  • Usage of smoke hoods
  • Certificate of participation in format of a credit card


It is possible to customise the training to your organisation own specific procedures. Please contact our sales department for our customisation possibilities.


Course method

Content: According to EASA-OPS Part 1


  • Fire triangle
  • Fire classification
  • Explanation of the different fire extinguishers
  • Fire prevention
  • Smoke development
  • Danger of smoke and fumes
  • Explanation of the smoke hood
  • How to locatie, approach and fight a fire


  • Locate and fight a fire in the overhead rack, galley and waste bin
  • The mobile training unit can be filled with smoke. Loss of electricity can be simulated


Training will be given in English

  • Validity: 3 years
  • Group size: minimum 8 and maximum 12 persons

Training information sheet

Download our training information sheet for additional information.

Ready to start?

Ready to start?